Best Menopausal Treatments
Best Menopausal Treatments

The Best Menopausal Treatments Need Not Be Costly

Best Menopausal Treatments

A lot of women at some point in their lives have to deal with the symptoms of menopause. Bad news is you can’t avoid menopause as it’s a naturally- occurring phase. But the good news is that there are now numerous ways of minimizing or even preventing the symptoms you experience. Health experts agree that the best menopausal treatments are not drugs and medications but alternative therapies or natural methods. Healthy lifestyle habits such as exercise, a balanced diet, and cutting down on harmful vices are considered some of the best forms of prevention.

Balanced Diet

During menopause, women are more likely to develop a number of diseases because of hormonal changes. As women age, they become more prone to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and osteoporosis. A diet rich in fiber, whole grains, fruits and vegetables have been proven to lower risk of heart diseases. Also, a healthy diet curbs weight gain. And don’t you forget to add a daily dose of 1,200 mg of Calcium and 800 IUs vitamin D to our daily consumption to maintain bone density and health. Certainly osteoporosis will be kept at bay!


Exercise has been proven to lower moodiness and stress, apart from relieving hot flashes. Kegel exercises are known to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, and improve your urinary incontinence when performed regularly. Uncontrollable wetting may happen to anyone especially for women who are within their prime years. Thirty minutes of exercise daily does wonders to your body but it would be best to consult your physician before embarking on any exercise regimen.


Quitting on alcohol consumption and smoking can immediately do wonders to help on your fight to minimize the symptoms of menopause. Aside from restoring your health, not taking in nicotine and more than your share of alcohol will help eradicate hot flashes. But why wait for menopausal years when you can quit early? Fact is, women who smoke experience menopause a year or two earlier than the average.

At your menopausal age, it’s never too late to practice living a healthy lifestyle. If you’re worry- free and stress-free, you’ll be able to manage these symptoms. And what’s more, you’ll have a greater chance of improving your overall quality of life.

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