Best Menopausal Treatments
Best Menopausal Treatments

Best Menopausal Treatments You Should Try

Best Menopausal TreatmentsMenopause is technically defined as absence of menstrual period for a year. However, the signs and symptoms may appear long before it starts. 

Symptoms such as weight gain, mood swings and sleeping disorders may sound unbearable, but there are effective remedies that can ease the transition. Here are some of the best menopausal treatments you should try:

Go green. Vitamin D is essential or calcium absorption, we need these nutrients for healthy bones and to prevent fractures. As we get old, our bones become brittle and weak due to changes in estrogen levels. This can lead to joint and muscle pains. Green leafy vegetables are the best sources of vitamin D. Eating adequate servings every day can prevent calcium deficiency in the body.

Limit caffeine and alcohol. The best hot flash treatment is decreasing the intake of caffeine and alcohol. These ingredients disrupt the sleeping pattern hence triggering hot flashes. Avoid alcoholic and caffeinated beverages as much as you can to reduce hot flash attacks. 

Soy and flaxseeds. Lately, varieties of soy products are made available in the market. According to some studies, increasing the intake of soy can ease menopausal symptoms. And because it has lesser fat, it also helps in preventing weight gain. Flaxseeds contain substances that act as estrogen inside the body. You can sprinkle some on your oatmeal and enjoy positive effects. 

Exercise routine. A good exercise regimen few times a week has proven to help in minimizing hot flashes, mood swings, and vaginal dryness. Strengthening bones and muscles can also help reduce stress. Combine body and mind exercises like Yoga and Pilates for a more relaxing experience.

Develop a sleep ritual. Sleeping pattern disturbance is also a common menopausal symptom. Keeping the room at a cool temperature, wearing a light cotton nightgown, playing sleep related music, avoiding television at bedtime, are effective bedtime rituals that you should do every night. 

Herbal therapy. Some health care provider’s advice taking phytoestrogenic herbs that contain components and chemical structure similar to human estrogen. Some of the most popular are black cohosh, ginseng, and soy phytoestrogen. Black cohosh may help with a variety of symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats. Ginseng can decrease insomnia and can help with vaginal atrophy. 

Apart from these, maintaining a positive mindset about menopause is also proven effective. Think about an easy transition and expect fewer symptoms. Give yourself a stronger outlook.

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